Nutritional Database

The ESHA master food and nutrient database is composed of 55,000+ food items, with data from over 1700 reputable sources. The data sources include the latest USDA Standard Reference database, manufacturer's data, restaurant data and data from literature sources. Each of our 163 nutritional components is individually sourced.

In addition, we provide several calculated fields, such as the percent calories from fat and niacin equivalents. We also group foods into detailed food categories and add diabetic exchange and MyPlate food group information to database items. Mathematical checks are run on the nutrient information database before each update release to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

The nutritional databases that are shipped with our desktop software products are a custom subset of the ESHA master database. The Genesis database contains all items that are in the Food Processor database, plus nutritional data for chemicals and flavoring agents.

Both Genesis and Food Processor also provide the Canadian Nutrient File.

For a full list of food items included in The Food Processor, click here.

For a full list of food items included in Genesis R&D, click here.


The Canadian Nutrient File is compiled by the Nutrition Research Division of Health Canada. The latest version offers values for 5516 foods and 143 food components. This database works seamlessly with our ESHA database to offer a combined nutritional database of approximately 55,000 foods. Per licensing agreement, ESHA Research does not modify the nutritional composition of the CNF in any way. Some of the original CNF food names have been shortened, however, in order for them to read more easily in the software.

In addition to our desktop software applications, the ESHA database is included in our Prodigy web application that is packaged with the Food Processor software. It is also included in our web services databases that are described in the Database Licensing section of the web site.

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