About Us

ESHA Research, named for its founders Elizabeth Stewart Hands and Associates, was established in 1981. In 1984 ESHA released their first program, The Food Processor® nutrition analysis system. Three years of detailed nutrition research were needed to build a comprehensive database with few missing values.

From initial word-of-mouth sales, ESHA has continued to experience broad growth in sales to health and food industries, as well as education, and now reaches customers in over 100 countries. Student versions of ESHA software are currently used by a majority of U.S. college nutrition students.

The nutrient information in the ESHA databases has been compiled from the latest USDA data, manufacturer’s data, restaurant data, and reference data comprising more than 1700 sources.

Missing values and errors are minimized with quality control reviews and our trained research staff. Today, the ESHA database has grown to over 50,000 foods and tracks 163 nutritional components.

The Food Processor database contains more than 48,000 food items, including all the common items, brand name items, restaurants, and baby foods. The Canadian Nutrient File is also included, adding another 5000 food items. You can add an unlimited number of new records to these files.

After nearly three decades, The Food Processor remains the product of choice for nutrition professionals. This comprehensive workhorse has continued to experience extensive growth and refinement, while maintaining its position as the industry’s top-rated database.

Genesis® R&D product development and labeling software was introduced to researchers and food manufacturers in 1991, and is now used by over 90 percent of U.S. top food producers and developers.

Today, ESHA Research is professionally associated with leaders in health, education, medical research, and food service and manufacturing. We are honored by our affiliation with our customers and colleagues, and remain committed to providing only the highest quality products to serve your needs.

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