Database Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting additional nutrition data to ESHA’s nutritional database. The Nutrition Department is responsible for creating and maintaining the extensive database, incorporating new nutrient recommendations into the program, and a host of other objectives. Each submission will be considered. Accepted submissions will be vetted for accuracy before being integrated into the database.

You can submit data in a number of ways:

  1. For a single item, fill out the Nutritient Data Submission form below.
  2. For multiple products, complete this Nutrition Information Template Form and email it to
  3. Provide your own spreadsheet(s) with the necessary information.  Please refer to the ESHA template for the fields that we need.
  4. Email pdfs of the individual nutritional data sheets.
  5. Send a link to your company website that provides current product information. If data-sheet access requires a login, please provide us with the necessary permissions.

For questions, please contact the Nutrition Department by phone at 503-585-6242 ext. 5 or by email at

Fill out my online form.

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