This easy-to-use product development and labeling software package simplifies every step of food creation – from conception through to the creation of Supplement Facts and Nutrition Facts. We recently released our Mexican labeling module, which includes formatting and regulations for NOM-compliant labels.

The Food Processor

For institutions or individuals, this all-in-one workhorse covers every aspect of nutrition and fitness analysis. Plus, the online companion – FoodProdigy – gives you access to your clients no matter where they are.


Our extensive and accurate database combined with our unique search query gives you the highest quality behind-the-scenes nutrition information in the industry.


Import/export and security add-ons round out your software needs. ESHA Security controls access, read/write ability, more. ESHAPort lets you control what data is exported and how it is imported.
Why is the Genesis R&D the most widely used nutrition labeling software in the industry? When you create a label with the Genesis R&D, you get a program that has Government Compliance, Nutrition Facts Panels, Supplement Labeling, Food Product creation, and Ingredient and Allergen Statements.
Hospitals, colleges, and dieticians use The Food Processor and its online companion, The Food Prodigy, for nutrition analysis, meal planning, weight management, activity assessment and much more.
Our nutrient databases total more than 50,000 unique foods, track 163+ nutrient factors, and combine nutrient data from 1700+ sources of information. Let us help you with your database needs.
ESHA Security sets up read/write access for your files. ESHAPort gives you control over the importing and exporting of your data.


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10 hours 23 min ago
Did you know that the ESHA database has grown to over 50,000 foods and tracks 163 nutritional components?
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#FoodFactFriday There are over 7,500 varieties of apples. If you ate a different one every day, it would take over 20 years to try them all!
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ESHA Research is now a #MyPlate National Strategic Partner! #NutritionFacts #FoodLabeling
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