ESHA Port is a utility for exporting and importing database files for ESHA Research programs. Delimited ASCII text files can be imported to become either data files (recipes, formulations, etc.) or Food Item files (ingredients, finished foods, etc.).

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Existing files can be exported as delimited ASCII text files. In addition, files can be analyzed "on the fly" during exporting, and the finished analysis of each recipe or formulation can be exported.

Whether you are exporting or importing, the ASCII text files use the same means for delineating the data fields. Each data field is separated by a user-specified character (such as a comma), and text (string) fields are delimited by a different user-specified character (such as a quotation mark).

You can export and import as few or as many fields as you want. However, some fields are essential to the importing process; the program needs these to translate the data and use it effectively.

This module streamlines importing recipes and ingredients, and the exporting of database items, recipe analysis and more.

  • Unattended export of recipe and ingredient data.
  • Filter records to be exported by name, group, creation date, and/or modified date.
  • Export specific fields, such as ingredient statement, cost, user codes, calcium, taurine, etc.
  • Import/export as ASCII compatible with Excel, Access, SQL Server and others.

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