Genesis R&D API

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Genesis R&D API

The Genesis R&D® API integrates your existing program interfaces with the Genesis R&D Foods system through automated, unattended import and export of recipe and ingredient data.

The Genesis R&D API distributes your final-product data (which can include nutrient analysis and labels with their ingredient and allergen statements) from Genesis R&D to a variety of web and IT systems, including your website, internal and external reporting systems, enterprise resource planning, and more.

The API can also pull existing data into Genesis R&D, thereby allowing you to automatically create ingredient and recipe records without having to take the time to manually enter the information.

The Genesis API runs as a service in IIS and is available both as a SOAP and REST interface, enabling you to choose the best solution for your needs.

Integration Examples

ERP System

The API opens the door between your management system and Genesis for two-way information sharing and nutrition analysis than can be stored or shared.

POS System

Integrate the API with your Point-of-Sales system for on-the-spot nutrition analysis for your customers. Here’s how one company made use of this.


Use the API for real-time interactivity with your app users. They enter their food data and you give them a nutrition breakdown of what they ate.

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