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Formulation & Labeling

Genesis R&D® Food Formulation & Labeling Software enables users to easily create government-compliant Nutrition Facts panels, virtually formulate foods, analyze the nutritional content...

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Formulation & Labeling

No more spreadsheets. No more hand calculation errors. This single-solution program simplifies the supplement-creation process, freeing up your time and reducing your costs. Genesis R&D® Supplements...

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Meal Planning & Client
Dietary Analysis

ESHA’s Food Processor® Nutrition Analysis software combines an extensive and meticulously researched food and ingredient database with an uncluttered, easy-to-use interface for accurate and...

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Diet & Activity

ESHATrak® offers you the opportunity to quickly grow your business by integrating our existing framework — a world-renowned nutrition database and development experts — with your...

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Nutrition Database

ESHA’s nutrition database licensing is a powerful tool for industry professionals needing comprehensive nutrition data from a reliable source. With more than 30 years’ experience and a team...

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Nutrition Database

ESHA’s Nutrition Database API enables users to integrate their website and web applications with our database for live search results. Rather than developing and maintaining...

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