Using the Genesis Menu Labeling Report for Restaurant Menu Labeling Compliance

Using the Genesis Menu Labeling Report for Restaurant Menu Labeling Compliance

Genesis makes complying with the FDA's food service and restaurant menu labeling regulations easy with the Menu Label and Menu Label Report.  The mandatory nutrients in the Report are based on those regulations.

It's a simple process.

The basics are:

  1. Enter your recipes into Genesis.
  2. Add the Recipes or Ingredients to a Menu Label, where you can collect like items in Categories (example: "Drinks") and - optionally - enter prices.
  3. Generate a Menu Label report. It will show the government-mandated nutrients and prices entered. You can prompt the program to show other nutrients, as well as additional properties such as allergens or ingredient statements, or characteristics such as "gluten free."
  4. Give your Menu Label Report to the graphics designer so they can add the required calorie information to the menus and menu boards. Print the Menu Label Report with the full list of required nutrients to have on hand for customers who request additional information.

The specifics are:

  1. Go to New and select Menu Label.
  2. Name your Menu and click OK.
  3. Before you add your first Recipe, you may want to create a category for it and like items. To do so right-click and select Add Category.
  4. Category 1 will appear. Double-click on “Category 1” to rename it.
  5. Type in the name (example: Pies).
  6. You can choose to display calories ranges here.
  7. Click OK. Create other categories as necessary. When you’re satisfied, move onto the item entry step. You can come back and add or modify the categories at any time.
  8. Type in a search term (example: Rhubarb Pie) and click Search. Select your Recipe.  The item will be entered into your food menu as one serving, as per the restaurant labeling requirements.
  9. Continue adding the remaining items.
  10. To add a price to an item, double-click it and add an menu label software
  11. Click Menu Label Report.

    When you first open the Menu Label Report, it defaults to the required restaurants nutrient display and the optional Price column. At this point, you can choose to display the allergens, ingredient statements, comments and characteristics for your menu items.

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