Genesis R&D Supplements Database File Download

ESHA Ingredient Database for Genesis R&D Supplements

Thank you for requesting the Genesis R&D Supplements Ingredient Database file. Click the Download Now button to begin downloading the database file. Please review the  information below for suggestions for mapping fields in the Import Wizard. 

NOTE:  The file takes about 30 minutes to import. You will need Genesis R&D Supplements version 1.6.x or later in order to import this file. 

Importing the File

Please refer to the Genesis R&D Supplements manual for general instructions for using the Import Wizard for Ingredients OR watch this brief tutorial.

The file contains 1359 ingredients with up to 29 nutrients per ingredient. We suggest that you scan the Excel file before import and remove any database items you are not interested in. Please note that no allergen information has been added to the database items.

File Mapping Suggestions

All ingredient information and nutrient data fields will automatically map appropriately except the  Moisture (in grams) and Groups fields, which you will have to map manually .

The Moisture field can either be mapped as a “New Nutrient field” (in grams), mapped to the existing “Water” field, or not mapped at all (“Ignore”).

  • New Nutrient (recommended ): If you map moisture as a new nutrient, map it as inactive and map the unit as grams.  
  • Existing Water (use only if your end products have zero moisture): If moisture is mapped to the existing Water field, the program will automatically map it as inactive with grams as the mapped unit. Within the program, water is removed from the ingredient weight on the formula screen. Again, this is useful only if you are working with hard tablets or other products where there is zero moisture in the end product. 
  • Not mapped: If you do not wish to map the moisture field it can be skipped in the import process.  Choose Ignore as the Mapped Field. 

Within Genesis R&D Supplements, Groups are seen on the Open screen and can be used to filter the Open screen view.  Ingredients in the ESHA Ingredient Database can be mapped into new, separate groups.

  • If you wish to use groups to filter the Open screen view, map each group field  (ESHA Ingredients, Fish Oils, Herbs and Spices, Nut and Plant Oils, Nutritional Additives, USDA Fruits and USDA Vegetables) from the database file as a New Group.  We recommend mapping “ESHA Ingredients” at minimum.
  • If you do not wish to use these groups within the program you can skip these fields in the mapping process (“Ignore”). 
  • You can also hide the entire database after import by going to Options>Search Options.