Genesis R&D is a powerful tool that allows you to create camera-ready Nutrition Facts panels or Supplement Facts panels for your products. The complex labeling regulations concerning format and standards are built into Genesis, however there are decisions that you, the user, will need to make as you use the program to ensure that you have accurate labels for your products. In this section, we have placed resource information that we have found particularly helpful for our labeling customers.

Nutrition Labeling Resources

US Food Label Resources

CFR Nutrition Facts Regulations
Child Nutrition Food Buying Guide
Child Nutrition Labeling Program
FDA Food Labeling Guide
FDA Food Allergens Labeling Guide
FDA Nutrition Facts Label Programs & Materials
Reference Amounts Customarily Consumer Per Eating Occasion (RACC)
USDA Standard Reference Database

US Supplement Label Resources

CFR Supplement Facts Regulations
FDA Supplement Labeling Guide

US Restaurant Labeling Resources

Labeling Requirements for Restaurants
Menu and Vending Machines Labeling Requirements

Canada Food Label Resources

Food Labeling for Industry
Health Canada Food Labeling Guide
Health Canada Nutrient Database

European Union Label Resources

EU Labeling Requirements
Food Fortification in the European Union

Mexico Label Resources

Mexico NOM-051-SCFI/SSA1-2010 Specifications

Industry Resources


American Diabetes Association
American Heart Association
American Spice Trade Association

Journals & Newsletters

Food Label News
Journal of Nutrition
New England Journal of Medicine
Nutrition Action Health Letter

Government Sources

Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Register
Food and Drug Administration
US Department of Agriculture