U.S. Supplement Label Formats

Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling Software

For Supplement Facts labels, the Standard nutrients (calories, fat, carbohydrates, Vitamin C, etc.) are governed by NLEA rules, regarding nutrient name, nutrient order and when they can be listed on the label. They appear above the divider line and most will have a % Daily Value.

The Other Dietary Ingredients will not have an associated DV and are governed by different NLEA rules that specify the information and order needed. In both cases, nutrients and other dietary ingredients are only added to the Supplement Facts label if they are present in the product in a significant amount.

The following are some examples of the Supplement labels you can create with Genesis Supplement program.

The program offers tabular and linear label templates that will accommodate most labeling needs.

U.S. Standard Supplement Facts Label

U.S. Supplement Facts Label, Multiple Nutrient Sources

U.S. Supplement Facts Label, Dual Column

U.S. Supplement Facts Label, Linear

U.S. Supplement Facts Label, Fish Oil

U.S. Supplement Facts Label, Protein Powder

U.S. Supplement Facts Label, Herbal Blend