Genesis R&D Workflow Utilities

Boost your software's capabilities with our workflow utilities.

ESHA Security Utility

ESHA Security

Our security module allows users to safeguard information by establishing access rights to database records and restricting who may use the program. The software identifies each user, regardless of which computer station is in use.


With ESHA Port users can export and import database files for ESHA Research programs. Delimited ASCII text files can be imported to become either data files (recipes, formulations, etc.) or Food Item files (ingredients, finished foods, etc.).

Genesis API

Our API allows unattended, automated data export from your Genesis R&D system. The Genesis API pulls your final-product data from Genesis in order to allow for integration with websites and other systems such as web publishing, internal and external reporting, enterprise resource planning and more.


DataLink connects Genesis R&D's database to the TraceGains ingredient supplier portal for easy ingredient creation, seamless updates, one-click review options and more.

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