Overview of Genesis R&D 11.0 and New User Interface

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We have designed a ribbon interface into our Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Nutrition Analysis software to allow for quicker and more intuitive access to all of the programs robust features. To learn more about the program updates, check out our Genesis R&D 11.0 Overview Webinar.

The following overview guides you through these changes.

When you first open the program, you will notice that the opening screen looks different. Instead of a menu bar, you will see tabs and the home ribbon, which looks like this:
From here, you can open or create Recipes, Ingredients, Advanced Nutrition Labels, or Food Menus. You also access Preferences and the Nutrients to View screens here.

If a Recipe is open, the save and print options will be available, and the Edit Recipe and Reports tabs will open:

From the Edit tab, you can modify items within your open Recipe:


From the Recipe tab, you can access Yields, Set Serving Size, Groups, etc. and the Label options. Previously, all of these were hidden under various menu items.

recipe ribbon

And  from the Reports tab, you can open all of the available reports:

reports ribbon

When you open an Advanced Label, you will see the Label tab, which is where you can make edits:

label tab

Opening a Food Menu will open the Food Menu tab, where you access the Food Menu edit options and the Food Menu Report:

food menu

Here’s an example of creating a new Recipe:

new recipe

From the Home tab (the program will automatically open with this displayed), select New>Recipe.


Name your Recipe and select a Serving Size Weight option. Click OK and the food list screen will open.


Note that the Recipe tab is now displayed.

From here, perform searches and enter ingredients as usual.


When you have finished, click View Label


Or click the Reports tab to open other reports.

reports ribbon