How to Create a FDA Compliant Nutrition Facts Label

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The creation of government compliant nutrition labels is one of the fundamental uses for Genesis R&D.
And it’s easier than you’d expect. As long as you have your ingredients entered correctly, all it takes is the click of a button.
Note: In order to create US complaint labels using Genesis R&D, you must have access to the US Nutrition Facts Label module.

  1. Create a new Recipe by clicking the Recipe icon and selecting New.
  2. Name your Recipe and enter a weight per serving size. This is important because the nutrition label displays information PER SERVING. Alternatively, you can enter number of servings.
  3. Carefully search for and enter all the ingredients in your Recipe. You will do this by typing in ingredient search terms (full or partial words) and selecting matches from the list returned.

    Recipe Analysis Software
  4. Save often.
  5. Once you have created and saved your Recipe, click Label Display in the list of Reports. Your initial label will look like this:
    FDA Compliant Labels
  6. From here, you will need to make a few more modifications for minimum compliance: Adding a household serving size and a number of servings per container.
  7. Right-click on the label display and select Settings.
    Nutrition Labeling Software
  8. In this example, we entered “1 cup” for the English serving size and “8” for the number of servings.
  9. Click OK. Your label will look like this:
    Nutrition Facts Label Software

From here, there are several label display and format modifications that you can make within the accepted guidelines, should you choose to do so. Genesis will guide you in creating a compliant label per the NLEA regulations.
For additional help creating labels, visit our Genesis R&D tutorials page or contact our Consulting Services department. Learn more about creating FDA Compliant Nutrition Facts Labels.
Update: On May 20, 2016, the FDA finalized the new Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts label for packaged foods and supplements to reflect new scientific information. ESHA will release an updated version of the Genesis R&D program that will incorporate the new nutrition facts labels prior to July 26th, 2016.