How Genesis R&D Foods Helps with BE Disclosure

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How Genesis R&D Foods Helps with BE Disclosure

Within the Genesis R&D program, there are many options for helping you track and report any bioengineered foods or ingredients. We would suggest using Groups, Notes, and the Attachment option on your Recipes or Ingredients. (Check out our blog on the new bioengineering disclosure laws.)


You can assign your Recipes or Ingredients to Groups to help you organize your files. For example, you could create a Groups folder (Database > Modify > Groups > New) for your BE and non-BE foods and organize those foods within that group, like so:

Then you assign your Ingredients or Recipes to the appropriate Group.

Once you have assigned your Ingredients and Recipes to the BE-related Groups, you can filter your searches by inclusion or exclusion of the Groups. This blog covers Groups in more detail.


You can add notes to the Label display page or reports as reminders or indicate where that recipe is in the certification process or whatever is helpful to you. This example indicates that the BE seal needs to be added:


All records (Ingredients, Recipes, Advanced labels, etc.) allow you to attach documents. You could use this option to attach certification papers to an Ingredient or Recipe. This blog covers how to attach documents to your records.