NEWS ALERT: The FDA Has Finalized the NFP Regulations


The FDA Has Finalized the Nutrition Fact Label Regulations

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration took a major step in making sure consumers have updated nutritional information for most packaged foods sold in the United States, that will help people make informed decisions about the foods they eat and feed their families.

Read the full release.

What is ESHA Doing?

If you’re impacted by the new FDA announcement this morning regarding the new Nutrition Facts Labeling for Foods and Supplements, you may be concerned about how to comply by the July 2018 deadline. At ESHA Research, we’ve been working on the New Nutrition Facts Labeling for Food and Supplements since 2015. Our Genesis Food and Genesis Supplement Software has been updated with the new labels and formulas. Additionally, the ESHA database has been updated with added sugar data. We’re releasing the updated software and database in our next product release this summer.

Customers with access to the Genesis ESHA Cloud Services and Genesis customers with current support will have access to the new program once it is released. To ensure you receive this critical updated, contact us today to make sure you are current with your Software Maintenance & Support program.

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