June 2016 eNews | Menu Planning Module Now Available


ESHA Webinar Series 

The final rules have implemented a number of significant changes to the Nutrition Facts labels. ESHA will be hosting a three-part series focusing on the different aspects of the label changes and how we have incorporated these changes in Genesis R&D.

  1. July 28, 2016: Overview of What's Changed in Genesis R&D
  2. August 16, 2016: FDA Label Nutrients, What's Changed?
  3. September 13, 2016: Best Practices for Transitioning to the New Label

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The Food Processor Version 11.1 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that a new version of The Food Processor Nutrition Analysis software (Version 11.1) is now available! This update incorporates important features to help users streamline their process, and includes many changes to the database.

Program & Database Updates

New Menu Plan Module
The new Menu Plan feature is an add-on module that makes creating and managing recipes and cycle menus quick and easy! Click here to see a tutorial.

FoodProdigy Database
The FoodProdigy online client tracker food and ingredient database has been updated to match The Food Processor database.

Database Updates
We are continually updating and improving our foods and ingredients database, ensuring data accuracy.

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FDA Nutrition Facts Label Nutrient Changes

The final rules have implemented a number of significant changes to the Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels. Some of the nutrient changes include newly introduced nutrients, increases in Daily Value (DV), and unit of measure changes.

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Using a Nutrition Database for Menu Analysis

The FDA will begin enforcing the menu labeling final rule on May 5, 2017, so you have a little less than a year to make sure you're in compliance. The FDA allows for use of various resources, as long as you have a reasonable basis for your nutrient declarations and that you have performed your due diligence to report information as accurately as possible.

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Q: When will the new labels be available in Genesis?

A: We are working diligently to add the new FDA label formats and options in Genesis R&D and expect to have them available prior to July 26th. In the meantime, we recommend that you review your formulas and contact your ingredient suppliers to see if they have available data for the new mandatory nutrients: Added Sugars, Vitamin D, and Potassium.

Q: How can I find a list of Recipes that contain a particular Ingredient?

A: We call this "Where Used Search" or sometimes "Item Search" in the Genesis and Food Processor programs.

  1. Choose Open > Recipe
  2. Click the "More" button.
  3. Type in the name of the ingredient you are searching for and select "Search within items for matches to the above criteria."
  4. Click "Search"
  5. The results will show all recipes that use the ingredient you are looking for.

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