Plan Nutritionally Adequate Client Menus with MyPlate

myplate_greenPlan nutritionally adequate menus using the MyPlate food groups! MyPlate is the current US food group system used for describing a healthy diet for persons 2 years old and older. The system is based upon recognizing five primary food groups; grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein foods. Research...
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Restaurant Menu Labeling – Where Are We Now?

restaurant menu labeling newsThe 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires that restaurants with 20 or more locations list the calorie content of standard menu items. The law also states that more detailed nutrient information should be made available in writing upon request. Restaurants with fewer...
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Diets ranked for weight loss, heart health

nutsIt’s dieting time! The new year has just begun, and there is a strong chance that many of your clients will be starting diets in order to shed those unwanted pounds that crept on over the holidays. Just in time for the nationwide focus on weight loss, the...
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FDA Announces Changes to Nutrition Labeling Regulations

proposed fda nutrition facts labelOn Feb. 27, the FDA announced proposed updates to the labeling regulations for foods and dietary supplements, which Michelle Obama unveiled on the anniversary of her Let’s Move program. The FDA believes the new regulations will help address obesity by driving attention...
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