Genesis R&D Summer 2015 Program Update

Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Nutrition Labeling Software version 11.0 Summer 2015 Update is now available and ready for download! To learn more about the program updates, check out our Genesis R&D 11.0 Overview Webinar. PROGRAM UPDATES New User Interface! Genesis's new navigation bar uncovers hidden features and menu settings with new icons and a streamlined interface. We...
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How Carbs Are Calculated in Different Countries

Does carbohydrate include fiber? The answer is yes… and no! It depends on where you live. By the dictionary definition, carbohydrate is chemically composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and is generally made up of sugars, starch, and fiber. When carbohydrate is listed in food composition tables, or on Nutrition Facts panels, however there are several international...
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How to Create a FDA Compliant Nutrition Facts Label

The creation of government compliant nutrition labels is one of the fundamental uses for Genesis R&D. And it's easier than you'd expect. As long as you have your ingredients entered correctly, all it takes is the click of a button. Note: In order to create US complaint labels using Genesis R&D, you must have access to the...
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Q & A with an Oregon Food-Safety Inspector

Eric Edmunds is a program analyst with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. He’s agreed to talk with us about food-safety inspections in Oregon. Q: Can you sum up what you do, please?
I started as a law clerk, and managed the rule-making process for food safety, as well as an occasional rule in animal health and plant...
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