How to Display Added Sugars in Genesis R&D Supplements

If your supplement formula contains sugar, you will have to declare Total Sugars on your label, per the NLEA regulations that govern the top section of the Supplement Facts panels. In addition, with the new regulations, you will also have to declare what portion of the Total Sugar comes from Added Sugars, as defined by the FDA.

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Calorie Calculation by Country

How you calculate Calories for your food product depends largely on where you will sell your product and the laws governing the food labeling in that country or region. This blog will cover the Calorie calculation methods used in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. [clear]

Calorie Calculations in the United States

In the U.S., there are six...
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FAQ: FDA Menu Labeling

Last May, the FDA announced an extension to the original Menu Labeling compliance date, giving restaurants and other qualifying food establishments another year to redo their menus and menu boards. The new date is fast approaching, and you still have some concerns. This blog answers the questions our customers have recently asked. Q: What is the compliance date...
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