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Genesis Foods 11.6 Update Overview

Genesis Food Version 11.6 includes important updates for labeling and compliance. These updates include:
  • The addition of an Added Sugar symbol and statement for the U.S. 2016 Nutrition Facts
  • Renamed nutrient fields
  • A new Dual Format Label for Canada
  • In addition, we have incorporated a popular user request — alphabetization of nutrients on the ingredient, composite...
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Using Calorie Ranges for Menu Labeling Compliance

Question: When can I use a range of calories on my menus and menu boards? There are some instances when the rules allow you to display a range of calories instead of individual calorie amounts in order to comply with the new menu labeling rules. This blog will cover those cases and show you how to...
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PHOs Are No Longer Considered GRAS Here’s How We Can Help

Both the US FDA and Health Canada are working towards reducing trans fats from the food supply by banning the use of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). For companies with a wide range of products, this could prove to be difficult. However, if you are already using Genesis R&D, things will be a little simpler.

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Using the Composite Ingredient™ Feature in Genesis R&D Foods

There may be times when you source the same ingredient from multiple suppliers (such as burger buns or flour), and the calorie and other nutrient values vary somewhat. How, then, can you correctly display the calories on your nutrition facts labels or restaurant menus?

The FDA says, "... the calorie and other nutrient declarations could be...

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