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Naturally Occurring vs. Added Sugars: Here’s the Scoop

The white sugar granules on my cereal and the sugar that makes my orange sweet are the same thing, right? Well, yes. And no. They're both sugars – the white sugar is sucrose and the fruit sugar is fructose – and they both fall under the umbrella of carbohydrates, which...
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New Rules for Gluten Free Labeling

smallgf2As of Aug. 5, 2014, food products that are labeled gluten-free must meet the government definition of gluten-free. The FDA came out with the final guidelines last August, giving manufacturers a year to adjust their product formulations. Products labeled gluten free that were on grocery store shelves...
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Vitamin D – Are We Getting Enough?

vitamin D nutrition factsIn recent years, news articles and health magazines across the country have been highlighting the distinct lack of vitamin D in the average American’s diet. Vitamin D is a nutrient that is used in the body to help the absorption of calcium and phosphorus,...
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