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Genesis Supplements Version 1.4 Release

This Genesis R&D Supplements update gives users improved speed and incorporates many new features. This blog will cover the most relevant new features including percent organics calculations, ordering promoted components, ability to show inactive components from formula blends, allow search by Supplier in the Open screen, and more!

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Document Attachment Use-Cases in Genesis R&D Foods

The Attachments feature is a valuable tool with a wide variety of applications. Because the file types and the number of attachments are not limited, you can tailor the usage to your needs. In this blog, we will cover the different use-cases for document attachments in Genesis R&D...
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Genesis R&D Supplements Version 1.3 Release Features

The latest version of Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation and Labeling software brings many important improvements including chemical impurities tracking, single ingredient/formula export, custom serving size override, and a new two-column label template.

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