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Genesis R&D Supplements Version 1.3 Release Features

The latest version of Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation and Labeling software brings many important improvements including chemical impurities tracking, single ingredient/formula export, custom serving size override, and a new two-column label template.

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Genesis R&D Supplements 1.2 Release

The latest version of Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation and Labeling software is now available and brings with it many important enhancements. While all of the changes and additions are listed in the release notes, the topics covered here are the ones we feel you will be most interested in.

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ESHA Port Version 4.3 Update

This release of ESHA Port - our workflow utility for exporting and importing database files for the Genesis R&D Foods and Food Processor programs - incorporates many improvements and features to make data sharing easier across different platforms.

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