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Searching for Foods and Ingredients by Source Information

Did you know you can view ingredient source information and effectively use this and other attributes to narrow your searches? Both the Genesis R&D and Food Processor programs include several columns to help identify ingredient source information and various other properties. Using this information to narrow your searches is an easy process. When searching for foods and ingredients in...
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Finding Recipes That Use A Certain Ingredient

Q: How can I find a list of Recipes that contain a particular Ingredient? A: We call this "Where Used Search" or sometimes "Item Search" in the Genesis and Food Processor programs. It's useful for a variety of situations, including when you have to reformulate and ingredient (Genesis) and rework a Diet Recall (Food Processor). Read more

Exporting Labels in Genesis for your Graphic Designers

Nearly all graphic designers prefer to work with vector images when the images are illustrations or line drawings. A vector file allows for greater editing (including text) and cleaner resizing. A raster file (.jpeg, .tiff, etc.) is rendered as a flat, uneditable file, and resizing those will often result in pixelated or blurred images. So this blog is going to...
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Using Our Programs: Searching Tips

database_search_tipsThe searching capabilities required to access specific foods in such a large database need to be wide and varied and flexible. The sheer volume of ingredients, foods, and recipes in the database as well as multiple search options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a lot...
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