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Creating New Groups in the ESHA Database

Using Groups is an efficient way to organize your data and records. The ESHA database comes pre-populated with a list of common food groups and characteristics you can associate your records with. In addition, you can add your own Groups to the ESHA Database to help facilitate organization and ease of searching. Check out our blog post...
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Using Groups for Organization, Exporting, and Access Control

When you create a file in common software programs - MS Word or Adobe Photoshop, for example - you name the file and save it in a folder, most likely somewhere on your computer or on a server. You will probably have a variety of folders and sub-folders with different names for different types of files. This is...
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The Food Processor Fall 2015 Program Update

The Food Processor Nutrition Analysis Software version 11.0 Fall 2015 Update is now available! Watch the recorded Food Processor 11.0 Overview Webinar. During this 30 minute webinar, we review the new ribbon and new features of The Food Processor 11.0. PROGRAM UPDATES New User Interface! The Food Processor's new interface lets users easily access all the rich features of The Food Processor, including previously hidden...
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