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ESHA Port Version 4.3 Update

This release of ESHA Port - our workflow utility for exporting and importing database files for the Genesis R&D Foods and Food Processor programs - incorporates many improvements and features to make data sharing easier across different platforms.

Enhanced Workflow

The interface has been redesigned with the same look as Genesis R&D Foods and Food Processor. All ESHA Port controls...
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Naturally Occurring vs. Added Sugars: Here’s the Scoop

The white sugar granules on my cereal and the sugar that makes my orange sweet are the same thing, right? Well, yes. And no. They're both sugars – the white sugar is sucrose and the fruit sugar is fructose – and they both fall under the umbrella of carbohydrates, which...
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Searching for Foods and Ingredients by Source Information

Did you know you can view ingredient source information and effectively use this and other attributes to narrow your searches? Both the Genesis R&D and Food Processor programs include several columns to help identify ingredient source information and various other properties. Using this information to narrow your searches is an easy process. When searching for foods and ingredients in...
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Food Processor 11.2 Program Update Available

The Food Processor's next major software update, version 11.2, delivers new features and fixes that users have requested. In addition, the nutrition and developer teams have been working diligently behind the scenes to make sure our database continues to grow and the program runs smoothly.

Nutrient Calculator

The new FDA Nutrition Labeling Regulations introduced changes in nutrient definitions and standards. For...
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